After tiping a creator on YT, the browser chrashes

After I sent a tip to the YouTube channel the opportunity to share it on Twitter appeared. When I clicked on the split area, the browser crashed, but could be restored. Sharing on Twitter is still not possible. For your information only.

Still no Idea what this is? @Mattches maybe? I did it again, this time i was logged in at twitter with tab open but it result in CTD!

I cannot reproduce this result on my end. Tipping someone on Twitter and clicking on the share area (and subsequently sharing) works as intended without any crashes. Can you give additional details about your computer/setup?

Sure i tipped at Youtube, my idea was to share the tip on twitter for the reason to promote both, the Browser and the ability to support in this simple way and also the Youtube Channel which has quit usefull german content. I send you a DM with a link, 2 min video with all my specs. @Mattches Don’t hessitate to ask if you need mor info.
Have a nice weekend tomorrow is a holiday in germany. Reunion Day. YaY :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Thank you for the excellent information and screen recording. I’m going over this with some team members, hope to have more info soon.

Actually, can you try temporarily disabling the extensions you have installed at this time and then see if you get the same result?

Actually – it looks like this issue has been around before:

Hasn’t had a lot of action recently so I left a comment in there and included your thread as well. Please let me know what you find out with the extensions being disabled.

Yes but sadly no information how to solve.

I did as you said but the result was the same. Then i also turned of shields completely and tipped again, same result. The browser chrashes but on reopen offers to rebuilt.
Small issue, i know but something to put in the long time work box. :mage:

Are you connected through a VPN by chance?

No VPN, also shields is. :arrow_down:

Are you using the latest version of the browser?

Version 1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

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