After Sync - all bookmarks doubled

I sync’ed my computer, phone and laptop - in that order. Returning to my desktop I find all my bookmarks are doubled. I tried removing the laptop from the sync chain. Then then phone.

I dont know what caused it but apparently you cant back up from it.

  1. any idea how to remove all the secondary bookmarks?
  2. doesnt seem to be normal as there are only two posts I could find but also no answers. However, any ideas?

:slight_smile: I also tried to sync my phone and desktop last night, and had this same result. I tried to remove the newly sync’d device, and for some odd reason it popped back up. Instead of removing it off the sync chain from the newly added device (my phone) I jumped on my desktop, and removed it from there. This time it worked. I did have to go manually delete all the duplicated bookmarks tho.

If you can’t remove it from the chain on the one device, try the other first. If you have not tried already. GL

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Sorry, I didnt make that clear. I did successfully remove the device from the chain. Removing it from the chain did not remove the doubling of bookmarks.

Ill say Im not looking forward to removing all the doubles as I have years and years of saved locations (many I still use).

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AH, glad to hear you got it removed. Sorry you have so much to delete lol. I only have around 20 bookmarks or so. Hopefully in the future this will be fixed and the bookmarks sync properly

I just wanted to clarify you were not alone with this issue :slight_smile:


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