After restoring Windows went to restore my wallet with key phrase 0 balance

I had 4-5k USD worth of Bitcoin my brave wallet. I had to restore my windows operating system. After which, I restored my Brave wallet using my seed phrase. My Bitcoin balance in the restored wallet was 0. It looked like a new wallet was created as there was no history of transactions. Please help I have made sure I have the Bitcoin network. I have tried to restore wallet with Brave nightly on my phone… same result.

Hello - Did you have it on the first Bitcoin account created with Brave Wallet? If you attempt to add another Bitcoin account, do you see it appear? Thanks

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kind of last ditch option you could try using your seed phrase in phantom wallet.

it has fixed some solana issues for others and it also supports bitcoin.

I am not sure. I set the wallet up for Bitcoin main net and then received Bitcoin from blockfi (BTC they owed me) it arrived and I backed it up

I will try to add a small amount

I tried that it created Bitcoin Taproot Bitcoin Native Segwit… both 0. When I backed up my Brave wallet shouldn’t there be some record of the bitcoin?

I added another bitcoin account but nothing appeared. I can send bitcoin to the account that I created using the seed phrase. Why is there no record at all of any transactions?

Currently, we only show transaction history from our wallet, i.e. “Send To”, and that is for all supported assets. We have an issue on the roadmap to show history for all transactions.

You can view transactions here:

I looked up the address on and it says that there is no activity for this wallet. Where did my Bitcoin go? It must be a new address? I am supposed to keep the same address forever that is how I maintain ownership of my Bitcoin. Was a new address created when I restored the wallet with the seed phrase?

To clarify, are your Ethereum and Solana addresses the same as your original wallet? Thanks for confirming

How can I tell? I restored the wallet with the seed phrase… I expected that it would restore the old wallet … however that is all I have now. I only used the wallet for Bitcoin to the best of my recollection. I had Bitcoin sent to my wallet from Blockfi/Kroll

Did Blockfi/Kroll provide any transaction information? Would your original address have been recorded with them?

Are you certain this is the same recovery phrase used to deposit the BTC originally? Restoring to Brave Wallet or Phantom would bring up any deposited BTC from the Main Bitcoin Account.

i asked but they have not responded. I will ask again.

They have not as of yet I asked them again for it. It seems like they would have to keep it for proof that they sent it to me. The recovery phrase I had in two places a piece of paper and a flash drive. I copied from the original wallet I created in brave so I am certain it is the original recovery phrase.

If you Create a few more Bitcoin accounts, do you see anything appear in those? There may be a non-zero balance in any of those accounts if more than one Bitcoin account was created on the original wallet.

I created another bitcoin account still 0.

I do not think Blockfi or Kroll is going to provide me any transaction information. The blockfi website has been taken down. I wonder if I can access my account on the way back machine? I tried the way back machine it has copies of the website but it does not let me log in. I sent an email to [email protected] to see if they can help.