After new update(s), my Session + tabs aren't restored anymore. (Still have backups, but won't load) macOS High Sierra

Description of the issue:

Dear people.
After one of the updates of the Brave browser, my session with tabs isn’t restored anymore, while I still see the session files in my “default” profile folder it just won’t load back into the single window. Nothing is being loaded, only the one default start page. The settings are set so, that it should resume the last session.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Auto updating the Brave browser probably resulted in not being able to load my session back with multiple tabs.
  2. I tried older Brave installs till version v1.19.92, but still no luck

Expected result:

With the expertise of the Brave Browser technical support helping me reload my sessions tabs. I have several backups.

Brave Version:

Tried the newest till version v1.19.92

Additional Information:

I’m going to load up another OS (linux) to see if copying my “default” profile to a fresh install of the Brave browser will succeed. If yes, I will report back here today.

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