After logging in Splunk has a blank screen


Testing Brave with a number of security tools that run through browser sessions. When testing Splunk (Splunk Version 6.5.2, Splunk Build 67571ef4b87d) nothing is being displayed. Just a blank screen. We are using the default Splunk cert and get the warning when connecting to the site. We accept the risk, get correctly prompted for the login, but when logging in the screen is just blank. No errors, no additional warnings are noted.


Sorry for the delayed response could you provide more details on this? Also does it work if you enable all cookies in the shields?


No problem and thanks for getting back to me!

Splunk is a big data application that collects logs from a vast array of systems and data types, including database logs. It then makes life a breeze for IT people when searching through those logs for operational data, building dashboards of events (security issues, app crashes, performance issues, etc.) and monitoring an IT infrastructure. We use it to collect all logs, automatically correlate them, analyze them, and provide us actionable data related to the IT Security events within our infrastructure.


As to the error/issue with Brave: When I turn off Shields the Splunk web app loads and is populated correctly. When playing with the settings it looks like I have to ‘Allow all cookies’ to enable the site to load properly. When it’s at any other setting I get the following error on the webpage:


Couple of additional unrelated comments: Editing bookmarks seems very slow, everything from renaming bookmark folders and bookmarks, moving things around, and I don’t see any option to sort bookmarks within the Bookmarks Manager. Also, do you plan on having support/supporting LastPass Password Manager?

Keep up the great work on this product. Definitely need better browser options that helps the end user stay secure, protected, and their browsing activity private!



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