After i recover my 2FA. How can i reverified my account in my brave browser? :)

How can i reverified my account after i recover my 2FA. :slight_smile: Thank you

Which account? Can you provide more information about your question?


Reverified my brave account

Did you mean your account?

Yes sir. When i login my account it shows it doesnt have any bat.

It show i have in browser but it doesn’t get by my account. :frowning: Iy happence since i request for removal of 2FA

Thanks for the screenshot @Rvinn29.

  • your brave:rewards (chrome:rewards on Android) wallet is not related to your account. It’s two different wallet with different purpose. That’s why you not see your BAT on your creator account. And vice versa.
  • wallet verification is not available on mobile yet. You can not connecting your brave:rewardswallet to your Uphold account – for withdrawal. This feature is only available on desktop for now.

Hope that make it clear for you.

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