After I receive BAT tokens they are being sent again to Brave?


Maybe you have a monthly contribution set up? If you go to brave://rewards and scroll down to
you can see if this is the case and set it up how you want it.
I accidentally set up a monthly contribution, too, by clicking on the Brave Rewards icon in the top right of the browser when I was on the *Brave site. I cancelled it on the brave://rewards page with no problem.

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I checked but its the same as described in the picture “No monthly contributions set up yet”.
I really don’t know what is happening behind the scene,every token that i earn is being sent again to Brave !

Your screenshot is from the Uphold Wallet, right? It could be you have a repeat transaction set up. Check your Uphold Wallet on this panel to make sure you didn’t choose a Repeat transaction versus a Transact (one-time).

I have checked and I don’t have anything there!
I don’t think this has to do anything with uphold itself except brave!

It does seem to be a Brave issue, then, if those are fine for you. I’m new to Brave, though, so I could be overlooking something. I won’t know if I could have the same problem as you’re experiencing till April 6th. Hopefully Support will weigh in with something before then. I’m sorry this is happening to you and that I couldn’t help :disappointed: I’m dealing with a few little Brave headaches, too, so I understand the frustration. If I think of anything else, or find something in my search that could help, I’ll post it.

EDIT: Perhaps a reinstall of the browser, or wallet reconnect (through the browser settings) could help - but I don’t know how that might affect your BAT, if you’d lose anything/ be able to recover it…

EDIT 2: I have un-/ reconnected the wallet one time, and all that happened was Uphold created another card connected to the wallet and I had to do a transfer to get it organised as I wished. I don’t have a large balance, though…

Okay, thank you I will have a try but I don’t think that i can recover my BAT !

Maybe wait a day or two before trying that, to see if Support posts or contacts you?
Being new, I don’t know the average response time/ attention from Brave support yet.

EDIT to add: I just started, so reconnecting, reinstalling, these were nothing for me because I’ve not much invested yet.

Maybe try posting in the Rewards Support category, too. You could reply to this person’s post under Rewards Support.
He may be having the same issue as you. If I were you, I’d reply to him with something like your original post here, and add a link to this thread.

Edited to link to a similar post

hi @saereV and @astrit11 in cases like that when the bats are sent to brave software international, send a dm to steeven explaining the issue, attach any relevant screenshot and the following info

*please the info is for steeven (the pal in the image) not for me,

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