After i disconnected my UPHOLD acc i can't relogin any advice why is this now showing up?

This page isn’t working

If the problem continues, contact the site owner.


First i connected and it says that my acc was not verified i contacted uhold and they said that my uhold acc is full verified after it i disconnected to try recconect my acc but i can’t do anyomre why this and anyone can help me with it ?

What happens when you click on the wallet verification button in the Rewards panel (note that mine may look different than yours since it’s already verified, but the button will be in the same place):

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There its says that my wallet is verifyed but in the publishers.basicattentiontoken
there it says not verified also i contact uhold thay said that my acc is full verified and i need to conntact brave support i tryed to dissconect the in there but after i try to connect that message opening and i cant do anything why and how can i fix that thanks for replyiing?

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