After I click out of Brave and come back everything reloads causing all my Youtube tabs to start playing their videos


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If there needs to be a recording I can make one but I think the title is descriptive enough.

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    • i. Your Operating System and version: Windows 10
    • ii. Your Brave Version: 0.19.53
  • D. Detailed step-by-step instructions of how you came across the issue.
    • i. I create Youtube link(s) in my tabs
    • ii. I click out to do anything else, visit the Steam app on my computer, visit another browser… but it has to be internet related (seemingly) because it doesn’t do anything when I play Geometry Wars or go to Notepad.
    • iii. Brave suddenly refreshes upon opening the browser and half-all of the Youtube links start playing but all the tabs refresh.


Thanks for reporting @shawnruru,

Is this the same issue like you encounter?


I recently noticed a similar case like that.

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