After connecting custodian rewards goes in brave wallet

After connecting custodian wallet… rewards goes in brave wallet…

What do you mean? I hope you understand that Brave rewards, Custodial partners and Brave wallet are all different.

Brave rewards and custodial Partner are related since we need to connect to a custodial Partner to collect our brave rewards.

Brave wallet on the other hand is a crypto currency wallet which is a self custody (no KYC / AML requirements).

As of now, Brave rewards are required to go through a custodial Partner due to regulations.

My request only for create a system where after custodian account connection… rewards balance directly transfer to brave wallet…

Not in custodian wallet…

Because some custodian account. Provider charge insane…
For example zebpay

If you not trade in month they charge 0.0001 btc equal balance from your crypto which you stored. … this is very high.

For transfer 1 level. Kyc verified accounts…

For example if I send bat to somewhere they charge. 52+ tax+ service charges

One transaction max amount limit equal crypto value 50 usd

So rewards with zebpay… Charges 10x more than rewards

And if you think kyc level 1 mean less verification you are wrong. …

Kyc level 1. Means fully verified accounts of you want increase level. You have to pay money

Their monthly charges 40x -70x higher from my avarage rewards earning

You can check this fee online

Currently can’t be done. That’s what they said. They are exploring options like payments on Solana addresses but no ETA on that.