After closing the browser i need to relogin into google services


I have a freshly installed Linux Mint distro on my PC. I chose Brave as my browser. So far, so good. However, every time I close the browser, I have to log in again to all Google services. I installed version 1.56.20 using the apt command. I’ve tried several things, but unfortunately without success:

-Reinstalled the Browser
-No Extensions installed
-Allow every Cookie Option for Youtube etc
-Create a fresh profile

DOnt know what i can do more to make it work. Can anyone maybe help me? Thanks :slight_smile:

Can really noboy help?

And what happens to the User Data?
Since you are using Linux, I don’t know where it is, but you can find it in brave://version

I mean, the login information is stores as a cookie, so unless you are deleting cookies on exit, (ctrl+shift+del), then, you should check what happens in brave://settings/content/all
and also in BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Network\Cookies

That’s all you can do. There is nothing people can do, since we are not in your computer, you should see exactly why exactly is the user data doing.

Brave by default blocks 3p cookies, and I know when you log in to Google, like Youtube, it will act as a 3p cookie, since it is google domain, Did you allow Youtube and 3p cookies or Google cookies? I don’t think this is needed anymore, there is a reason why Brave added brave://settings/content/googleSignIn

So could be a bug too. I mean, you can see all this info in Devtools, where you can also troubleshoot what happens to your data and storages in Application tab.

Sign-in cookies will be remembered under default Shields settings. @Inatrox if you have created a fresh profile and are still getting this exact same behavior then there is something else at play here. Brave should keep you logged in by default out of the box.

I’d like to know if you have any other browsers (ideally Chromium based) you can test and tell me if they also show this same behavior?

I have tested it with Google Chrome on Youtube and have there still the same problem. Seems to be a problem with the engine of google chrome.

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