After clicking on Brave rewards I Cannot drag BAT img into target img (so I cannot claim BAT rewards)

@fredp I think you’ve identified the problem, this doesn’t work for me either. It’s the same issue as brave rewards.

Can someone with a github account link to this thread in here:

why you are shady? or are you backed by Google/NSA :thinking:

yep i get this too, very annoying having to keep deleting from desktop

Same here. And people from Brave know it but obviously don’t do anything about it. (Linux Mint 19,1 Tessa).

The issue with the CAPTCHA is the same issue that is not allowing the tabs to be rearranged anymore (Chromium Core Bug). To get it to work you will need to downgrade your brave installation.
sudo apt install brave-browser=1.33.106
If you have not upgraded brave in awhile then*check your apt cache to see what version your have installed and install that one.
apt-cache showpkg brave-browser
Your distro will tell you that you have an upgrade. You can either comment it out for the time being or just upgrade after you have finished

I have exactly the same problem the captcha is a nightmare for linux users. Kde Neon / Plasma here

I suggest to come back to Warty Warthog for Ubuntu lovers and Netscape 7 … :crazy_face:

Thanks for sharing the following, we apologize for any inconvenience.
Could you kindly DM your wallet payment IDs and I will investigate further what might be the issue.

Hi, thanks for everyone sharing their experience with this issue.

This is fixed upstream in Chromium 97.0.4692.92 and newer.

But still not fixed in Linux still cant drag the triangle in to appropriate box and still leaves an image on my desk top which i have to delete.

wallet id 0x10d61925f54F36aEA17201d457A5b68764Ed2b7a

Today I saw that my Brave browser had been updated to version V1.34.81. I went to see if they had solved the issue with the captcha and so it seems. I was able to drag and drop the figure to the right box and claim my BATs.

Thanks for solving this!



Update: Today I could finally claim my BATs, also after updating Brave browser to version 1.34.81 yesterday (Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa)