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When I turned on my laptop this morning, my desktop was different and I could not run Brave as I could last night when I turned it off. The Brave icon on the tqskbar was greyed out and a new Brave icon had been added in a different position. The old Brave icon on the desktop was greyed out and had been renamed to Brave (old). There was a new Brave icon.

Running Brave will make a new icon arrear on the taskbar and appears to be running, at least the cursor changes to indicate links, and has some text displayed is certain areas of the screen. But nothing is visible of the screen. It’s as though the window Brave is running in is not being displayed, only the initial desktop.

I assume the Brave automatically reinstalled itself at boot-up, botched the reinstall or update, and is now not usable.

I have shutdown and restarted several times (MS Windows 7 Home Premium). I have no idea what the new version is, and trying to run the Brave (old) does not work, so I don’t know what version it is or was,

I am entering this from Chrome, alas.

Help would be appreciated.

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