After almost a week of being overdue, payment is now processing and my menu is all kinds of wonked up


As you can see in the screenshot above, some of my youtube channels have reverted to channel form. I’ve seen this happen once but only with one channel and so I just unpinned and repinned it. This is a bit excessive though especially if it’s going to happen on such a large scale with every monthly payment.

If I need to send my file over again I don’t mind, just let me know who to email it to. Along those same lines, would anyone know if the duplicate issues are fixed? I haven’t seen any duplicates from pinned and unpinned in my list so I think it’s fixed but am still curious.


@Chugwig I would be curious to know for those channels which have changed display are any of those showing as expected in your unpinned section? (thinking of this comment from your duplicate entries issue: )

Also, that issue has not been included in a release yet, but will hopefully be in one soon.



Good to know, although it’s weird that the problem no longer exists for the same content producers I originally brought the issue up for. You are correct in assuming though that the broken channels show up in an unpinned section and the broken links stay pinned.

The first pinned channel UCv9… is for GassyMexican who shows up in my unpinned section with views and time spent set to actual values unlike the pinned version. In case it wasn’t obvious for those reading after, is how you can check which channel is which if you are experiencing the same issue.


While doing some testing on the expected next release, I also came across this issue:

It’s possible this is what you’re seeing (which doesn’t have solid steps to reproduce unfortunately).



Hmm I was under the assumption to reproduce it you need to wait till payments go out, but I also don’t carefully watch my list each time I launch Brave. I’m happy to see that it’s being worked on though.

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