After a couple of months Gemini acc was logged out and now it says 'Region not supported'

I connected my gemini acc to brave browser and used it for a couple of months. Today it was logged out and now it is saying that ‘Region not supported’.
My region: South Korea


Hi there @irisko! I see you just joined Brave Community to post on this. Just a FYI, you’re able to search by using the search glass on the page.
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If you use key words like “region not supported” you can find similar topics and posts. You’re highly encouraged to search first, as usually there are a lot of people who have asked and/or answered your question. For example, an official post from Brave at NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

Note that those who are currently verified and active in regions that are no longer supported will not be affected by this change while they are still connected to Gemini. However, once their Brave Rewards is logged out or disconnected from Gemini, they will not be able to log in again or re-verify if they are in an unsupported region.

Also to offer some clarification. Gemini is still available in your region but they limited who can connect Brave to them at this time. They do not know how long it might be until they can allow regions to connect again.

Thanks! Yeah, I searched if anyone had a similar issue but couldn’t find any answer.

I was using brave browser with linked Gemini Wallet (verified) until today. Today it suddenly logged out.

Yeah, it’s supposed to do that every 90 days or so, give or take. It’s a security feature. So it had remained and showed you signed in, but once it did it’s automatic disconnect you then had your issue as the region is not supported at this time. This just means BAT will store in your browser until another option becomes available.

I see. Thanks a lot for your detail explanation!

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