After 1 month my collected bats are lost - how can i get back an keep them?

I startet with Brave Browser one month ago and collected bats. I installed a verified walled on uphold - it was connected and I could see the bats on the uphold konto. Since today the konto is 0.0 bats again!
I also reimported the securde wallet but nevertheless stays on 0.0 bats.
Please, help me how to get my collected bats back and further keep my bats.
I am from Austria.
Thank You!

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Same here… Newsflash! Rewards are given when you click annoying adds. WOW ITS A DREAM!!
…Exactly it’s a dream. I saw the BAT meter go up last month. Today is pay day and my rewards disappeared… I have a registered Uphold account. Followed all the steps. Disabled auto-donation. Need more information Mr Brave?

Edit: I haven’t confirmed if it is in my account yet, will do that later but I received a mail from Uphold about some BAT being transfered to my account. So maybe the magic did happen. :joy: If it has, I swallow my pride and say sorry to the Brave people’s. :pray:

i have the same issue , after updating i lost all of them .

Now I got the amount back. There is no ability to retrace the money flow. Both kontos showed the amount before, then both kontos showed 0,0 BATs and now both kontos (Brave as well as uphold) show the corrct amount again … how reliable is that konto?
I thought of connecting it with btc-konto, but now I’m unsure.

Hello all, see An update regarding verification status on mobile devices for explanation

See my reply below :point_down:

Same here. Did an update 1hour ago and lost half of my BAT tokens. Can someone help me please?

@brave_support: seems that there is a lot of unclarity about payment. Maybe a line with “payment could be delayed” or something could already save a lot of headache?

@eljuno: my problem occurde on a pc (standalone-computer)

Oops. My bad. Pasted the wrong link. See May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors for explanation

Oh, thanks - didn’t find this article. Okay, sounds as that should not repeat. We’ll see.

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