African and Nigerian BAT community(Brave lies)

Part 1
@sampson and I spoke a few days ago and we had a little understanding. Only to turn around and see the Twitter account accused of impersonation. I requested @sampson show that Brave was making the continent a priority. @alex made a claim that brave changed the referral payout system to better focus on area with ads.

Part 2.
Yet South Africa was shelved for European and American countries that didn’t have ads. This awoke a realisation that the continent wasn’t a priority. Does it take weeks to readjust a tier system to include one country. I decided to see out a brave team personal and I found the community ninja was Nigerian. @dgenies was a great guy to talk to. He gave serious points defending brave but he gave up in the end when her realised I also had valid points. Soon after creating the Twitter community. @sampson came knocking. He requested I shut down the account and I requested he gave me a reason to trust him. After further discussions Back and forth, I challenged him and said I didn’t want to close a chapter but instead pass a baton. I ask what was being done to the creator that put up interest in becoming regional leader because he had offered me the job but only if I closed the account. It felt like a trap. I said I could change the bio to read the following as seen in the image

I wanted fairness and for the continent to be treated with priority. Was that too much to ask. I ran the community so well that brave staff and community like and even followed the Twitter page.

In truth Brave doesn’t care if you promote them in a good light. All they want is control.

Part 3
To the African and Nigerian creators this is my message. How many of you have let go BAT you worked hard for just to have your account. To @dgenies, to @iznai and others wake up. I know you love the platform but does it love you.

Hello, and welcome to the forums.

I wanted to briefly chime-in as I think you may have mistakenly confused a couple of things regarding our previous interactions on Twitter.

Soon after creating the Twitter community. @sampson came knocking. He requested I shut down the account…

This is incorrect. I requested that you change your name from “BAT Nigeria” to something else, along with your profile image, so as not to be confused for an official regional leader. I also invited you to apply for status of regional leader (and I hope you still pursue this). We would love to have more of an engagement with Nigeria (and Africa as a whole).

Further, I sincerely appreciate your drive and motivation in creating the BAT Nigeria account. But, we do need to be careful about ensuring non-official accounts are marked as such. I think you can appreciate this.

I ask what was being done to the creator that put up interest in becoming regional leader because he had offered me the job but only if I closed the account.

I may be misunderstanding this statement; it sounds as though you’re suggesting I offered you the role of regional leader in exchange for closing your Twitter account. If I understand that correctly, this too, unfortunately, is not accurate. I am in no position to offer the role of regional leader to any individual. I also didn’t ask for you to close the account. I asked that you change your name and branding to distinguish yourself from official Brave/BAT regional leader accounts.

I do hope you will continue to engage with our team, and work towards developing a bright future for Brave and the BAT within the Nigerian (and African) region(s). Please do ensure that all future online presences are clearly marked as fan-accounts, or distinguished from official accounts in some way.

If there is ever anything I can do for you, do not hesitate to reach out.

Kind regards,



I don’t know who is on the right in this matter but the South Africa case is true. I did make a comment about the South Africa tier system.
I did plan to make a post about the South Africa issue on the 30th day of my community ninja badge issuance but this post has forced my hand.
@Mattches is a brother. Would love to meet the internet version of him if ever am in the states. @asad is a real G. Would love to always have him around. @eljuno is the hardest working Brave leader in my view.
@iznai, @fofa, @okoro_bright, @Onakunleoo and other African you are my brothers and sisters.
I know am in a position to pick a side and I choose to stand aside and not with Brave. I am also not turning my back on the African community. Till this is all cleared up. From this moment I drop the community ninja badge in protest of the South African tier placement. I would watch how the Nigerian community issue plays out.

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Thank you for your kind, and well-balanced response, @Dgenies. Unfortunately, I may be missing a little context regarding previous issues or conversations. However, I am pleased to hear that you’ve had positive interactions with our team; they are an incredible group of dedicated individuals.

If there is ever anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to message me. The Brave paw-print is small at the moment, but will cover the World before long. I look forward to further engagements with you and other representatives of African regions as we progress and advance in our vision of reforming the Web for all people.


My comments on this community can be counted as i joined because of my brother who’s so passionate about Brave. i am an academic so i really don’t find the community page interesting. At this point, I will let my opinion known. I have massively published good words about brave to my students and colleagues not just because the browser is good but majorly because of the love my brother has for u guys.
I joined the twitter account because i find twitter more interacting and comfortable for me. Upon closure of the surrogate twitter account (that was shut down); i placed a call to my brother because i see him as my brave director. Surprisingly, he was oblivious of it.
i can say without a doubt because it goes without saying that repetition lays for emphases that THE BRAVE COMMUNITY AND THE INDIVIDUAL THAT REQUESTED THE CLOSURE OF THE TWITTER ACCOUNT IS RACIAL PREJUDICED; judging by the event of things (mail trail). My brother may feel offended but, i think the truth should be said.
We can be pensive about these and produce responses that best quell the issue. i don’t need a comment/response as i would probably not revisit the community page. But i can’t be silent in the face of segregation to my race. #AfricanUnite. This is 2019.

Thanks so much. A concerned Nigerian

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@Dgenies Would love to have a phone chat with you to clear some of this up. Let me know when would be a good time for you!


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

It seems as though there are a mix of concerns here, so I will try to address each in separate replies.

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Issue 1 : Accounts that use Brave / BAT in public.

It is fairly common for any brand to make sure that other folks do not casually use or try to imply that they are speaking for their project.

For example : Coca-cola, Nike, Apple.

It would make sense to be careful about who is using such accounts and to be certain they are not misrepresenting the company.

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I delete that post because I was of the impression the post would never be approved by the Brave team. So I created @BATNigeria1 to speak the message.

Issue 2 : What regions support ads?

Our list of ad supported regions is in this FAQ under the question " I’m in [Mexico] and I’m not seeing any Brave Ads - what’s going on?"

It is a reasonable argument that the information is not clearly presented and is not easily accessible. We will work on that.

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I am happy to see @Dgenies was brave enough to at least take a stand on the South Africa issue and dropped his community ninja badge as a sign of protest on that issue. @Onakunleoo thank you for your comment.

Issue 3 : Why are there different rates for different regions?

The rates reflect a business decision to encourage growth in ad supported regions. Those are areas where users can earn BAT for themselves and Brave can make a profit from selling ads. Any business needs to have some form of revenue generation. As ad support grows, one would expect tier listings to change.

Brave still rewards referrals from many regions. It should also be restated that what matters is where the installing user resides NOT the residences of the person who created the referral code.


I do have a personal request if I may:

If anyone can show a referral install program that pays better than Brave, please show it to me. To the best of my knowledge Brave still pays above industry standard rates.

I am actively reading the community posts and see your concerns. I will do my best to answer as clearly as I can and what I do not know, I will take back to the team and ask.


@alex I author a post on the community with the topic upcoming solutions (welcomed good news).

I am a programmer, a brave enthusiast and an African.

Line 1328
Clearly states South Africa. It isn’t a matter of being able to read C or C++. It is plain English.
All countries on this list have ads currently on Brave Nightly.
So on the second issue I see no point.

From the above quote, the decision to cut South Africa from the list wasn’t a mistake as I initially assume.

My assumption of error was based on your response in that same thread.

As for your 4th point.

It isn’t a matter of money for me but a matter of respect. I do not care if Brave pays a $1,000,000 per referral or ₦0.01 per referral. It is a matter of being black, being African and being respected. You can’t make this quote

And leave out the African country on your ads program list.
It is all about fairness and equity

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Hey man thanks would pm you on the community.

If you review the upcoming ads regions, South Africa is not the only country which is not listed.

In fact India, Philippines, Venezuela are also in the code example you provided.

So I do not take your argument that this is about singling out African countries.

As I mentioned in the other post, I have taken this concern to the team.