Affiliate Program Ends and Errors

I’ve some problems with Brave.

  1. The affiliate program(5$ per referreal) has been update with new pay rates OK, but If the promotion ends on 31 december…¿the new rates are for just a month?

In addition the promotion was up to 1 million USD but now in the same page says " More than $2.2 million paid out to date!"… How is It?

  1. In this page: was a message “…if you see this message means that the promotion is active…”, today that message has disapeared, so the affiliate program is ended?

  2. The stats are AWFUL the new donwloads don’t appears, sometimes is added a few more suddenly…and the number in the stats of active users don’t change but I know that is growing up and the BAT’s increase each day in my account so the active users are increasing too.
    It’s impossible to me to know what is happening, and It’s not serious…

@timeline - Brave team replied here.

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