Adverts appearing on home page

After a full reinstall and update, when I exit a site I get an advert page (crypto etc) rather than my home page. How do I stop this happening?
I have a full back up of previous installation and wish to recover my extensions. Can you tell me where these are stored and can I move them to the new setup?

You haven’t provided what OS you are on.
Please provide that and we can help you. Thanks!

@pawncob your phrasing seems a bit off. At first it makes it sound like it appears when you leave or exit a site. But when you speak of it happening instead of your home page, it seems you mean when you hit Home or perhaps open a new tab. I’m going to answer as if you mean when you go to your Home and not just that you mean whenever you try to leave a website. But if you meant the other way, you’ll have to let me know.

When you speak about ads appearing rather than your home page, it sounds like you’re getting a Sponsored Image, which also are known as either New Tab Page (NTP) ads -or- New Tab Takeovers (NTT). The last one is what they are trying to change the terms to be.

You can disable those in your settings. There are two ways to navigate to it.

  1. Go to your dashboard and click on Customize
  2. SettingsNew Tab PageCustomize.

Either way, once there, go to Background Images, scroll down, and you’ll see a toggle for Sponsored Images. Turn that off and you don’t see them anywhere.

Keep in mind if you’re participating in Rewards, those NTP ads will be earning you BAT. But if you don’t want to see them, you can turn it off as I advised above.

Assuming you mean you took the whole \brave-browser folder and you’re on a Desktop, then you’d already have everything you need. Actually, all you need is the User Data portion, which will have all your settings, bookmarks, extensions, etc. What you won’t necessarily have as your passwords. I mean, they’ll be in there, but if your OS credentials changed then you won’t be able to decrypt them, so they’d be useless and won’t show up in the browser.

Just keep in mind that the versions of Brave that you’re bringing from should be similar. If you’re using a backup from like a year ago, you may experience issues or be unable to recover the data.

As to see where your installation of Brave is at, just go to brave://version and look at Profile Path. It will show you precisely where to go.

Thanks for that, I’ve (hopefully) turned off the ads.
Can’t find User Data in Brave-Browser backup.(or in new version). Is it stored elsewhere?
New version is 1.56.14 B/U is 1.52.129 (June 23) so I assume it can’t be recovered.

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