Advertising not taken into account

I do not understand the brave system … Indeed, this month (June 2020), I had for the moment 168 ads viewed but my BAT counter is estimated at 8.7 BAT … Shouldn’t I not have 16.9 BAT?
I don’t understand your calculation. Can i have an explanation please


How you calculate it?

1 ad => 0.1 BAT, no?
is it possible to have advertisements that yield nothing?


BAT to ad is closer to .05 per ad. Depends on your region and the ad campaign

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@stevee in addition to @kevers05 (thanks!), BAT you earned per ad is vary depending on the ad value itself. Some is 0.05 other 0.1 or higher. The one thing that never change is it’s always 70% of the share.

I understood. Thanks you🤓

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