Advertising feedback feature req/question

Morning brave community - possible this feature exists and as a new brave user just haven’t found it - I would like to give feedback on brave ads to make them more targeted. Here’s an example of a more specific use case of the feature I’m describing. I don’t use/play online games and don’t ever plan on doing so but Brave is still serving me ads for games. I would like to be able to tell Brave that i’m not the target audience for these ads and never will be so they can show me more relevant ads but I don’t see any place to do. Is this possible and if not would be great to add it to the product roadmap.

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Hi @orserh, Welcome to Community!
If you go to brave://rewards/ and click on 7-day ads history. You’ll see a list of ads that have been served to you. There you can tell Brave that you don’t wanna see ads from a that category.


figured this was too obvious not to exist - thanks


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