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Hi everyone,
I have a website that contains keywords about advertising. But it is not advertising, just include information about our scope of work (We are an advertising agency).
Due to including advertising keywords, Brave blocks our website. What can we do to avoid this?
Thank you all!

Hey @DuongNguyen ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

If you have a website that you don’t want Brave Shields to block, you can click on the Shields icon in your address bar and turn it off for that site.

Hope that helped!


Thanks for your reply.
So if the first time a user visits our website, they will be blocked and have to turn off Brave Shields for the site?
Is there anything that we can do to avoid blocking from the first time? Or can our website be added to a whitelist?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks and regards.

Publish your website’s address so @fanboynz can take a look what can be done.

Website’s Address:
Thank you guys a lot!

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Give it 24-48hrs, fixed automatically.

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Thank you guys a lot!

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