Advertisements have slowly been returning on multiple major services



First and foremost: Sorry for posting this just minutes after the first. I was unable to edit the first one without disabling Brave’s Shields (a problem I address below) and consistently got error messages. Please ignore the original post and continue reading this one! Thank you.

I’ve been using Brave for just about a week and have been loving it with the exception of a couple minor potential improvements. One of those minor potential improvements is getting bigger and bigger now, because the ad-blocking software on Brave seems to be slowly degrading, or Google is getting better at getting past it.

For example, when I started using Brave, I don’t remember noticing any advertisements. In a few days, however, I got advertisements in the inbox of my email. Let me clarify what I mean by that – I’m not talking about spam or junk email from companies. In the gmail service, there is space for two promotional messages in the inbox that appear when an ad-blocking service isn’t working. They’re advertisements that perpetually remain unread because new ones will always take their place; for a very organized person, it’s a nightmare.

I know I should be using alternatives like ProtonMail and DuckDuckGo over Google services, and I do, but my institution forces me to use Google, while DuckDuckGo’s indexes are just plainly inferior to other search engines, even with their !bangs – which kind of defeat the whole purpose of even using DuckDuckGo.

Thus, seeing so many ads out in the open while using Brave is confusing, I understand that 1st Party Ads remain unblocked, but I see no reason why these ads should too. To be honest, I don’t see why Brave doesn’t handle ad-blocking services over to a third-party extension like AdGuard (people mention AdBlock and uBlock but these services are very unreliable), just like how they’ve assigned password security responsibility to LastPass/Dashlane.

A one-stop shop is asking for problems. Delegating non-browser tasks doesn’t make your browser inferior, on the contrary, it could probably make it better.

I do know that you’re supposed to be able to remove these advertisements and trackers. I denied Google’s request to allow access to my location, and I’ve repetitively turned off ad personalization. They still appear.

And, to be honest, that’s what I get for using Google. But when I want to get a service to block those things I kind of expect them to be blocked…

Background information:

  • My Operating System is macOS Sierra 10.12.6

  • My Brave Version:

  • My Brave Shield settings:


Here, you see location access is set to "always disabled."

Wait what?

Wait what?



Here you see an advertisement for the U.S. Navy at the top, with an advertisement for a Carnival to the left.

Here you see a promotional advertisement on Twitter on the bottom left-hand corner, and a tweet by the TD Bank below a tweet by Brendan Eich (lol). A Sprint advertisement follows soon after on the Twitter feed, and more advertisements appear after scrolling further.

You get the point.

It’s probably somewhat hypocritical to care this much about privacy & personalization and share my city’s location, but I think you get the point of it.

On another note, the Brave shield also causes some things not to load – and blocking Scripts is not turned on. For example, – fairly popular amateur journalism site; I was linked there to read an article about installing non-Brave extension onto Brave. The images could not load unless I turned off a Brave extension. It was kind of ironic.

Another example, on Brave’s own forum. I posted the original topic describing all of this, and tried to edit the post repeatedly. I could not. So, I decided to try and disable the Shields. Here is how it was before, with the Shields up (you can even see the original post editing in the background):

And then, after I disabled the Shields (it worked):

These aren’t just exceptions, the Brave Shield seems to break a lot of things, news sites in particular. In fact, on news sites, Brave either blocks way too much or not at all.

I don’t mean to condescend or be rude in any way, I just hope you see that I’m kind of disappointed and want Brave to be better. Again, ad-block technology can be complicated to get perfect. I think it’d be useful to consider delegating it to AdBlock or another service that doesn’t take money from advertisers. If not that, then maybe optimize the Brave Shields such that you don’t have turn everything off to fix one problem. Be able to block elements, etc.

Thanks for reading.


Hi could I get an ETA on a response?


Hi, are there any updates?


Hey, I know people are busy, but could I get a response? It’s been over a month


It’s a shame you haven’t had a reply, one of Braves weaknesses is dealing with users questions.
When it comes out of beta, sometime soon, most issues should be solved.
Back to your question.
When I started using Brave over a year ago, the ads in Gmail stopped appearing and have never come back. Even on YouTube there are no ads.
I’m on Linux so I don’t know if it is an OS issue.
Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Hi @helpmelilb,
I’m sorry for late response.

Yes, as you may know, Brave not block 1st party ads yet. It’s mentioned on FAQ on Brave website. But if that 1st party ads have 3rd party trackers, then that trackers is blocked by Brave.

Brave have it’s own ad blocking and use same list as other blocker, IIRC. And the team is researching better way to do blocking

For Medium, you may want to change your shield via Brave icon at upper right to Block 3rd party fingerprinting.

If sites not working properly, you may want to adjust your shield first. Start from turn off script blocker, change fingerprinting protection, and so on.

And Brave 1.0 will have custom element blocking via right-click. If you want, you can try the early release. Note this version may have missing features, more bugs, etc. But if you try it, feel free to share your feedback here #developer-builds.

I hope I’m not missed anything.


Thanks for your response.

I’m kind of confused when you say that trackers are blocked by Brave. Google tracks my location despite my location services feature being set to ‘always deny.’ Advertisements I see on various online platforms also seem to be targeted to me specifically.

I don’t mean to accuse anyone of anything, but are we really sure that these trackers are blocked?


Perhaps if you wipe your cache and cookies, these might stop targeting you specifically? Also, Brave, like any other tracker blocker, isn’t perfect, as other companies are always trying to find sneaky ways around them since YOUR PERSONAL DATA IS VERY VALUABLE.


Hi helpmelilb. The trackers are 3rd party cookies and other means to identify you and track you around the web. We block those.

Location service is a little bit different. Websites may ask for your location, like a Google Maps or a store website like Best Buy so they can tell you where the nearest store is for example. We block those requests.

If you’re signed into Google, they may have other means to track your location and you have to turn those services off on the Google side.


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