Advertisement is not coming

2 androids in the last 3 months
No ads on my 1 desktop pc devices.
At first, advertisements were coming, but I was not earning a bat. now no ads.
please help me.

Brave rewarded ads tab open

Try turning rewards off for a few hours around 2 - 3 hours and then turn them on again and see if that works, also check if your rewards profile is flagged if it is then this could be one culprit causing this. Brave flags profiles when they detect a VPN, or you try doing something to increase earnings or in short anything illegal with rewards.

Also try raising a ticket here as you are saying you aren’t receiving ads for more than a month or something
Below is the link →

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Thank you for your attention.

I just don’t understand how to do this

have a nice day

Click on the link I’ve attached ->Select Brave rewards in options-> Fill out the details & Information asked and submit ticket. Brave will get back to you to further help you. Cheers!


I kept Brave Ads turned off for 1 day, and when I turn it back on, there is still no ad.

When I turned off Brave Ads again, the ad rewards started coming, but I cannot earn BAT because the reward settings are turned off.

Seems interesting. I don’t know for sure but it seems your rewards profile is flagged. You can check by trying to verify… That time you should get and error saying profile is flagged.

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I can’t verify account in Turkey.

There is only one option left, delete and reinstall the Brave browser.

I regret that when I delete and reinstall the browser, the BAT accumulated in the browser will be deleted.

Don’t. Don’t reinstall. @Chocoholic @Aman_M @Saoiray @rodrige help please.
Also @sabrimk raise a ticket Brave Support

@sabrimk You are getting only New Tab Page Ads when you turn off Brave Ads, right? As this would be expected.

And for not being rewarded BAT for Ads when Ads are enabled, I would highly suggest you raise a support ticket from the link that SmartyAadi posted previously.

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