Advanced settings on iPhone

I do not know how to navigate to advanced settings in the iPhone Brave Browser; there appears to be no way for me to reproduce the menu screen that is so readily available on desktop. I would love to access my Crypto wallet where I believe all my BAT is being stored, among other things. Why is this so hard?

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iPhone X
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You mean brave:wallet on desktop? That wallet is for now only available for desktop.

Or brave:rewards?

I have two Brave accounts (one on a MacBook and the other on my iPhone) because at the time of making them you weren’t able to sync the two devices. On my computer I verified with Uphold and also made a crypto wallet; i honestly don’t remember how I verified my wallet on iPhone but it is good to go. The August payout issues notwithstanding, I would really like to figure out where my BAT is going on iPhone. As of now, I can only enable or disable Brave rewards in the mobile settings; there looks to be no way to augment things otherwise. I attached some images to show you what I’m seeing.

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