Advanced controls for ads

under advanced controls to modify controlling ads why cant you select " aggressively block ads" and the SAVE IT so it becomes a default. Ads are a PAIN IN THE ASS.

Hello @Qumanity ,

Shields settings both per site and global settings¹ should be saved across sessions².

Can you share more information about the behavior you see? Is it changed after you restart Brave? Or something else?

(1) How to setting up your Shields

(2) unless you’ve your Brave set to clear the Shields settings everytime you close Brave

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@Qumanity I’m going to do a TL:DR for you on what eljuno was saying.

If you change settings from the lion, that’s only site specific.

If you want settings to be global, you need to go to brave://settings/shields and change it.

Also with global settings is Content Filtering that you might like to enable. Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List are good to use and greatly helps reduce the amount of ads and issues you’ll experience.

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