is being blocked by Brave shields up. It's used on many streams that are used on multiple sites

Streams stop working on when loads and is blocked
and many more
Right now it is only fixed on Redbox

Also on:

Not helpful. Actual url links websites. Going to or shows nothing. Do you work for

No, I don’t work for Xumo.

I do collect streams. I take care of my mother who has dementia. I sometimes use these streams to entertain her while I do chores or store runs.
But many times I have put on a stream to later find out it stop 5 minutes later and she winds up watching a frozen pic for an hour or so.

Not to mention who knows how many people on how many sites have their own stories with the same problem. Also for many people it is just extremely annoying.

So this fix should help many people on many sites, as there are many sites using collected streams.

Here some examples of the problem:

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