Ads view by interest and region area of the website that users are frequently visiting

Also when will be the best time to include Asia Facific in the list of country that can earn rewards by using brave. like Philippines in the previous statistic Philippines has the highest rate of internet usage and this is great chance to get traction for Brave browser by including this region in the list of the country that who can earn BAT for using brave browser.

Regarding your title, this is actually what Brave tries to do. Based on local machine learning algorithms is selects matching ads for you, all while keeping your privacy secure. At the moment there are not that many campaigns to choose from though, so the ads might not be as relevant as they could be in the future.

The Brave Team said elsewhere that they will be adding support for a lot of regions this year. They are already working on this, but I don’t think they mentioned any specific countries.

I hope for you the Philippines will be one of the early ones!

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Hello @m16rav,

Welcome to community! There is no set timeline for when Ads will be available in additional regions such as the Philippines, but I can assure you that the team is constantly working to expand our quality Ads catalogue.


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