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When trying to log in to, the Captcha required to log in does not appear when the Ads & Trackers shield is enabled. I have tried deactivating all the other shield settings in turn, but this is the one that prevents the Captcha from working. It would perhaps be useful to be able to allow specific trackers such as Captchas, while continuing to block the advertising trackers?

It is possible to re-enable blocking of Ads & Trackers once logged in, so it seems to simply prevent the Captcha from running, rather than breaking anything else.

Thanks! -Dom

  • The offending website is

  • The issue did occur with the default Shield settings (as blocking Ads & Trackers seems to be the issue)

  • The site functions with the Shields disabled

  • Any other configuration which includes blocking Ads & Trackers causes the log-in function to break. It is possible to re-enable A&T blocking once logged in.

  • The site does function correctly using Safari, sadly I don’t use Chrome.

  • I am running Brave Version 0.60.23 Chromium: 72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) which is confirmed as up-to-date as of posting.


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