Ads suddenly showing up

Went to zero Hedge and for the first time since using Brave suddenly ads showed up. Now I have uninstalled Google from my computer’s . I was surprised that the ads showed up. They had not earlier when I used it by the way… The computer is a Lenavo with Windows 7. Now, I got out my Dell and it is not doing it, no ads, By the way. The ads when I close them say ads by Google. I am not a computer person, I didn’t do anything to change any settings and like I said, when I went to ZH earlier on this computer it didn’t happen then. After it happened I shut down the computer and restarted it, same thing happened. I looked around brave to see if there was an ad setting, didn’t see one. Anyone have any idea what I did? Only places I went and logged into by the way was bitchute and roadtoroota, watched a video on roadtoroota that had YouTube on it but I watched it from that website for private members and never actually went to YouTube. My other computer, a Dell with Windows 7 is not doing this. I reset settings on brave, ads showed up again.

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im using brave on android…ads kept popping up like never ending…it was just suddenly…

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Same problem here, on Windows 10/HP Pavilion. Brave worked fine up to about 10min. previously, I closed it to do something unrelated, then when I reopened it, ads everywhere! I changed no settings; nothing crashed.

For me it’s more than just closeable Google ads, too.

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Just restarted my Dell, now the ads are showing up on it also. Full attack by Google to get their unwanted ads in front of people. They are pure evil. Don’t even have Google on my computer’s, how does Google ads show up on Zero Hedge? Not a happy camper here. Hope some of the smart people at Brave can fix this

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