Ads Stopped Showing


I use mobile browser only. Enabled Brave Rewards in May. Got plenty of ads last month.

Problem: Have not received one single ad in June but I have not changed my Rewards settings.
I browse on mobile every day on different pages.

Could it be a privacy setting from Brave? I enabled Fingerprinting Protection. Not sure exactly when but in the last 2 months for sure.

Will disable it and update here if any difference.
Please share from your experience.

Fingerprinting or any other Shields settings will not have any effect on whether or not Ads are shown. If you didn’t change anything in Rewards settings, there’s a chance that something may have changed on the device you’re using.

Check and ensure that Brave has the proper permissions to display notifications on your Android device (usually found by going to Settings --> Apps/notifications but will depend on the device being used.

Yeah, I suspected, Fingerprinting is a different pair of shoes.

I did fumble a bit with android settings but notifications for Brave I did not touch. Checked that - it’s enabled. Good hint though.

It’s strange that ads would stop appearing suddenly in this way – I’ve seen this happen on Desktop for a few different reasons but not on Android. Let me reach out to some team members and see if I can get some additional input.

Thank you for your patience.

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Can you also send me the information found on your brave://rewards-internals page? Please send it in a DM as the information is private. Additionally, can you tell me what version of Android you’re using on the device?

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I got one ad now again, yay! First one since last month.

Hello sir I am also facing same problem on desktop. What are the various reasons we might not get ads ?Please make a post explaining in full regard of this matter.

I think this question should be addressed in a separate topic for desktop, unless support confirms it’s the same cause behind desktop and android.

I still only got only the 1 ad. My setting is 5 to per hour. 🤷

The setting is not “5 per hour” – it’s actually “a maximum of five per hour”. Also, I’m now confused – are you saying that this is happening to you on Desktop, or is it happening to you on Android?

I have issue on android. I do not use it on desktop. Somebody came to this topic and introduced their issue with desktop. I know the setting does not mean that I will get 5 ads per hour but that the quantity depends on how much I browse. The thing is that I do not get any ads at all on android. This is the device for which I had sent you my data earlier via DM, as requested. This month I only got one ad. It came after I created this topic

In short, I replied to Ashish11. Nothing has changed for me in the meantime