Ads stopped serving after new computer restore

Hi there,

I have not received any ads or rewards since I got a new computer (Apple Macbook Air M1). I restored the new computer from a time machine backup. I see another community post from users with the same exact situation but I don’t actually see a resolution.

I did all the troubleshooting steps. When i go to brave://rewards-internals/ it says wallet not yet created. not sure if that has something to do with it.

Note that this is not a problem of a new computer not yet learned enough to match brave browser. I have already logged 10x more time browsing brave on my new computer than my old one.

Please help, I would like to set brave as my default browser but this is souring it a bit. Thanky uo for your time.

I have these same problem

Still no response form Brave team here? I am desperately trying to use your browser and promote it to my friends but I can’t even get it to work for myself after restoring my backup on a new mac machine… what about starting over from scratch? Is there a proper way to completely uninstall and remove wallet and reinstall from zero, creating a new wallet? There is clearing some conflict from restoring a brave browser on a new computer.

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