Ads starting to bleed thru on you tube


i currently run windows 7 (sp 1 ) , installed brave 0.19.61 rev c8e042c i’m starting to get ads showing up on you tube, at first only occasionally, but presently appears on virtually every vid recently last few hours…since brave is apparently a chrome extension does this have something to do with it ??..bdway occasionally in the middle of an online process i get notifications about Dev. Updates but when switching to the help menu to check for updates…messages none available ???..


Thanks for reporting @nutter,

I’m not sure about “brave is a chrome extension”. Do you mean brave is based on chromium?

For YT, It’s a known issue and logged here



i now have 0.19.62 rev fe3f350 installed , yes spotted this post previously but as the author states he has 0.19.57/58 installed ,did try his advice turned up zero ads at the time …anyway problem appears to have subsided , for now, In fact some sites that previously i wasn’t able to access their video content due to the ad blocking feature , i can now view their video content…update protocols for this browser still remain a mystery to me however…thanks


Running 0.19.62 rev fe3f350 here, doesn’t seem to happen all the time. Particularly on reddit I am getting youtube ads on nearly every link. Seems like they’re mad at me because they’re all full length!


It is under investigation.

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