Ads started to show up


After a couple months of using Brave, ads have started to show up. At first Brave did a phenomenal job at blocking those ads but it eventually stopped blocking ads sometimes. If there is a fix, it would be appreciated to get the solution


Hi, could you please say wich sites you where seing ads on? :slight_smile:
Also could you provide info as stated in the guidelines? :slight_smile:

cc @Serg


I’m not the original poster, but I’m also having this problem. Why bother to provide more information? It will just be ignored like on the other threads I opened.


I am very sory to hear that, I looked at you old threads and saw that I had totally missed one, sorry for that :sweat_smile:


is this issue still reproduced?


Some ads generate page sections with random names, randomly placed. Like “##asdn402” and nested. And they also ship picture in base64 using imgdata. They are impossible to block with any adblockers I know.

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