Ads spectrum, boxes, warnings, outline or blank space still remains on the sites


The only problem I’m having is every time an Ad is blocked (which is a lot of them) still remain the warning, the outline or blank/grey space where the Ad should be.
When I use others browser with adblock or adblock extension they remove this blank space or give you the setting to remove the blank space or warning that and ad was removed there.
You should improve giving us the option too in Brave to get this.
When removing the adds that blank space should be removed.

Example on Brave: Look at the spaces with the warning “advertisement” written on it. This is not only on every site, but every site can be different, like grey boxes or etc.

And now:
A competitor (will not give its name for respect, but is another one with native adblocker):
And I don’t know if it is allowed here to talk about other browsers, so…
This is how the same site headline appears on the competition.
They just cut the warning os spaces, leaving the site more clean and beautiful.

So this is the only thing that is making me question which one of the browsers I should use now.
I can give you a lot more examples if you need it.

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