Ads rewards not adding

Ads comes but estimated pending rewards not increasing. Why?

Currently brave team is fixing many bugs related to rewards system.

Many users are facing this kinda issue (I’m one among them)

May be in the next release we can expect this will be solved.

But If I watch ads now will it be rewarded for next time.
Thanks in advance

I can’t say that.

currently for me it’s working and I’m getting paid for ads.

@Mattches can tell you that.

Brave is working but brave beta is not working good i mean ads rewards

We are working very hard to make sure everyone gets any rightfully earned BAT. We appreciate your patience and undersrtanding.

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When it will be okey tomorrow or after few days?
Thank in advance

I do not have a timeline for you just yet. Again, thank you for your patience.

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One more problem i can’t see my referral status.
Can you help me?

Regarding this you can check with @steeven.

Please DM your email id that you registered for publisher account.

he’ll let you know, the reason for your problem

thanks for the quick response @Mattches


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