Ads revenue decreased

In india, first I was 0.05 bat for 1 ad…
But now suddently it’s changed to 0.025 per ad…
Why this much decrease in ad revenue
Plzz make it back to normal plzz

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bats per ads is not fixed value it can change over time based on many factor


But in previous month I checked on evry ad I was getting 0.05 which was good atleast we were getting 0.8 to 1 bat daily but now it’s decreased to half

let us assume we today we have 1 million user and everyone get 0.05 so what if we go to 2 million and let us assume that the number of advertiser still the same
do you thing the company will keep the rate the same

Okay …but the things is in india I think the ads are not getting like from 2 3 days I have got many ads only like 1 or 2 per day

for me somedays i get more ads than other days
check this one also FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

I am also from india but i get ads like other countries users gets

But I don’t know why I am getting less…
Btw can u tell me how much u are getting bat for per ad?