Ads per day has been reduced generally?

Since past few days I realized ads has been reduced by 50%

No. Nothing changed.
You just need to understand the basic things about Brave Ads.

  • The number of ads you see will depend on the availability of ads campaign in your country,
  • and “match” found between your interest and the catalog.

Same here… Ads reduced by exactly 50%. whats going on???. reduction after reduction. Also bat getting lost. This has nothing to do with region. Some has changed.

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It’s the same for me. It’s reduced the number of ads that used to come in, and I think if it’s reduced to 50%

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They should look into it…and the new update loads new tab slowly

The Ads has be reduced by 50%

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Nothing change for me, using brave normally ads appears normally

How many ads do you see per day?

@Xion @larezmj @Nelsy1 my previous reply is same like the one described here FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

10 - 20 / day, depending how i use Brave, and the time spent, if you turn on brave and do nothing you get less ads imo

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