Ads on Youtube Music

I have started receiving ads on Youtube Music (
I didn’t receive when I started using Brave.

Brave Version: v1.0.0
macOS Catalina v10.15.1


Could this be because of ads getting caught in DRM? Turn off Widevine from Settings > Extensions and try using YT Music - if it doesn’t work, it gets you “your” music over a DRM’d stream that may also keep ads out of the shields’ reach.

@aragorn - we also released an update about an hour ago. Can you update and see if this fixes the issue?

@steeven - Updated to the latest version v1.0.1 just now. That didn’t solve the problem.

@dorukayhan - Tried to run with Widevine turned off. That didn’t stop the ads too.

Any other ideas?

I’m having the same issue :cry:

@SlyOwlbeard - Did you try the above mentioned techniques?

@aragorn Yes indeed, im up to date and have tried turning off Widevine

  • Which direct link has youtube music ads?

  • If you install uBo extension, does it remove the ads? (if so, paste the blocked items)

@fanboynz - I don’t quite get what you are trying to say…

  • You want me to paste the link of the music for which ads are present?
  • I have installed uBo extension, will experiment with it today and update. What do you mean by “paste the blocked items”?

Using the ‘Logger’ it shows the blocked items. Gives me an idea what is being blocked (if uBo blocks the ad). screenshot of the logger window will do

I don’t know what to look for in the logger.

Attached the output of it while playing few songs in a row.


Did it play ads while having uBo enabled?

No I’ve been listening with uBo for a while and I didn’t encounter an ad.

Copy / paste the site-trackers in Shields (ctrl-c, ctrl-v, also disable ubo). I would test with private mode also, disable all extensions.

Thanks for the assistance, @fanboynz

This comes and goes in the “cross-site tracking blocked” during songs. (uBo turned off)

Note; :|| is blocked already

Probably related. I would try a new profile and no extensions.

@aragorn @SlyOwlbeard Here is a gif of me disabling/enabling sheilds on google music.

I would re-test in a new profile, but it seems to work well in stopping the ads.

Surprisingly that seems to work! Switching OFF and then back ON the cross-site trackers seems to work for me.

@SlyOwlbeard is your youtube music working okay?