Ads on Youtube even when shields is turned on

Ok thank you! Appreciate it!

Still doesn’t work for me. Updated components, cleared all youtube’s cookies, relaunched browser, still seeing ads if I’m logged in

For me ads block in the private window, but not in the normal tab. I tried disabling all extensions but still does not work

Now it got way way better but not 100% fixed.

Yesterday it worked only when I would randomly turn on and off the Shields in the beginning of the video but today I don’t need to do that anymore.

On normal mode (I didn’t try private mode) videos on YT start without ads, but ads show up randomly during the videos.
It’s way better than before (which was directly showing one or two ads right in the beginning of each video without even Skip button).

Today when some ads show up in the middle of the video I reload the page and then the video proceeds as normal (without ads for a while from the beginning though).

A detail: I always have the Shields up but it always shows “0 (zero) ads were blocked” on all videos.

Thank you very much fanboynz, you do a great job, we are getting there.

I hope the ad blocker finally works as it used to with YouTube so we don’t see unskippable ads anymore, despite the infinite loading has been solved

I Dont know if this will work for anyone else. But its seems that if ads are instant on a video, if I turn of shield and let it reload the video and flick it back on and reload again; The ADs are gone.

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Exactly… No “Skip add” button too… The ads just keep on rolling by

yea this kinda work but not all time . is a good solution

can confirm, this works for me

update: it works intermitently and i have to keep swapping the shields on/off until the add disappears

Still having issues with it, been days now can barely watch anything on YT. Updated everything checking components on a daily basis, flicking shields on and off, switching between aggressive add block to regular blocking, reloading pages, private windows, nothing works. I either log out of my account or then it’s unskipable adds non-stop

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Can Youtube be unbroken, please?
It would be nice if Youtube ads could be blocked, but if they can’t be reliably blocked for everyone, can we, for now, please at least have the normal functionality of Youtube back, with ads and the “Skip Ad” button?

Youtube is unusable for me in Brave at the moment. Some ads are 4 minutes long, and I have no choice but to watch them in their entirety.

I update that components, clear cookies and logged in again. I am not getting ads but the video I want to watch will not play. It just sits there like its loading. Anyone else?

A little update on my end, maybe this works for somebody else too.
If I play a video (ad starts playing) and I switch between “Update connections to HTTPS” and “Only connect with HTTPS” (if needed backward) and the video plays without ads for me, been working like this for today

Mine seems to work differently, I’m still getting instant ads when shields are up. No instant ads when shields are down but is very unstable, sometimes there’s no audio, sometimes it just plays at x10

Best solution right now is to disable Shields for youtube and use"skip ad - ad block & auto ad skip on youtube"

But some ads are unskippable, especially the 5 second ones

Temporary fix for this problem is to install FadBlock Origin and disable Brave shields when on youtube. The adblocker will automatically skip all the ads. It works for me at least for now. It seems like they are using the login cookie to show their ads to users. Imbecile big corporation. Try instead of this dumb platform.


Or just log out or ctrl+shift+n for incognito and look on yt is sad you cant hear playlists with music. but it is only option without ads

Everyone in this thread if you can enable Experimental List via brave://adblock

@dsae @Adr17 @agenkin @Ravenbane @Nobb @mfn @SaltyPear86

Then refresh any/all tabs open and see if the ads are gone

I enabled the experimental list and I’m still getting unskippable ads.