Ads on new computer have never appeared or shown as a NOTIFICATION. PLEASE HELP

I have 3 devices.

  1. Iphone
  2. work computer
  3. Personal Computer

I receive ads on my iphone and work computer however, I have never received an add on my personal computer. I just purchased my personal computer a month ago and I have never received an ad notification. I have checked all my settings and I did all your suggestions for troubleshooting. My work computer which i do receive ad notifications on has the same Brave Updated Version as my personal computer. Is there a system outage? I don’t have the option to sync anymore either. I used to be able to sync my devices from work to phone and now my desktop version does not have the sync option. My main concern is that my brand new personal computer does not received ad notification for me to earn Brave Rewards. Is this something you could please help with? I checked my settings on my computer and my ad notifications is on just like the screenshot you all posted.

Also, I never received any of my BAT coins for March payment for BAT earned on my work and mobile phone. Now it says next payment date is April. Is this a known issue?

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First please see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

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