Ads notification pattern 😞

Are you able to receive general desktop/push notifications?

  • Yes

Are you in a supported region (if so, which one)?

  • Yes, India.

Give us a brief description of the ads behavior you’re seeing

  • Ads are appearing only on particular hours of the day, then there is a gap (you won’t get any ads during this time), then after in another 4-6 hrs they will appear that too only for around an hour.

  • And after that if you continue using browser you won’t get any ads for that day.
    Maximum 10 ads are possible (only 10 will be shown) to get in this manner for a day.

  • All settings are alright, 5 ads per hr set too.

  • What OS/Brave version are you using?
    Android/ Latest Version (Play Store)

Expectation: Ads poping should not be on any fixed timings. (I don’t know how braves algorithm works though actually but)

Does this happen with anyone else ? - may be.
Would be happy to get a response from support staff.
@steeven @Mattches @cory

Thanks, :blush:

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that’s fine ads system calculate how many ads you got during last 24 hours if it 20 then you would not get any till it be less than 20 on the last 24 hours

Forget 20 they are not even reaching 10, I’m getting 7-8 ads actually per day.

some ads could have max per day other ads has max per month
and setting ads to get 5 per hour does not mean you get 5 per hours it mean get up to 5 per hours

Ya, that I know, but is it only applicable for some hours of the day ? Adds pop up only on certain hours of the day.

Apologies but there isn’t anything wrong with your situation as far as I can tell. Ad campaigns and availability differ by user and region and the “pattern” you’re seeing is likely just whats available for you at that time.

:point_up_2: The setting is not “Five ads per hour” – it is “Maximum of five ads per hour”. Meaning that you may get five ads an hour it is not guaranteed to be five.

I understand the maximum 5 ads per hr concept, but the pattern that I get is - totally unlucky I can say then.
After the latest update, ads stopped coming totally.

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