Ads not showing on PC

  1. I cant see ads on my computer (I do see them on my android though)
  2. I tried to follow your tutorial but got the same result : FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?
  3. (I don’t understand what that means, sorry)

I hope to see ads. This is the screenshot I made of my current setting on BRAVE and PC following the aforementioned tutorial :

Brave is up to date
Version 1.19.92 Chromium: 88.0.4324.152 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Windows 10 famille
système exploitation x64 bit
processeur x64
and now that I looked at it, I have installed "Bittube, Air time, donation, adblockers ect web extension. Maybe that’s what prevents the ads from showing ??? I try browsing the web with that extension removed while you are reviewing my issue.

Thank you so much for your help !

Shields should not affect Brave Ads in any way. Disabling extensions and testing is a good start. I would also like to state that you should not be using a VPN with ads enabled at this time. This may also be part of the issue.

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Thank you for your quick reply. Concerning the VPN, I have no issue to catch ads while using BRAVE on my android though. Is it because on the desktop computer it’s different ? When you say to not use VPN+ads at this time, is it a temporary issue ? Because I really do not want to disable my VPN in order to trade and earn BAT if it’s an issue that may be permanent :confused:

Thank you.

Can you please tell me what region you’re located in at this time?

I am VPNed in Japan on my computer but I already tried switching it to different countries, including Ireland, like in my android where it works, but it’s still not working.

update concerning the extension I disabled : it didn’t solvethe issue.

@GanymedeV try creating a new profile, enable the rewards and browse normally for some time, make sure that any extension get installed by antiviruses and other programs that way it will be easier to know if it is an extension that is causing the problem (it could take hours depending on your region)

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Hello JohnDroof,

The only extensions I have installed are the following and I went through BRAVE extension app store to get them :

I’ll try what have recommended and get back to report on the result.

Thank you.

Ok so a little update. After clearing all the browsing data to advanced and signing out of my UPHOLD wallet, after disabling all the 4 extensions and resetting BRAVE in its default mode, closing it and restarting it, I did saw one ad appear as shown in the attached doc, but it’s not showing in BRAVE REWARD as an ad shown (see the attached doc)

On a second thought, I am not sure what you meant by “create a new profile” @JohnDroof

@GanymedeV hi, first that’s not a brave ad, brave ads appear in the bottom right corner of your screen as system push notifications. that seems to be an ad that evaded the shields of brave

to create a new profile click on the hamburger icon besides the extension icon, there click on “create a new profile” image

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they look like this (appearance vary according to your system settings)

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Thank you. I am sorry you are right. This wasn’t an ad, it was the website special promo lol. i created a new account and disabled avast right from the start. I imported my bookmarks, toggled BRAVE ADS and set it to show 5 ads per hour, I didn’t signed up to my UPHOLD wallet. The only thing I changed was the theme and so far no ads are showing up. I’ll keep browsing the web until tomorrow and get at you with the result since you said it may take some time…
Can you tell me what you said on your previous message please ? the screenshot cut half of it. Thank you for your help and time !

that’s nothing, there I was answering in another topic when the ad came :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Good morning everyone !

Second-ish day of my BRAVE not showing ads. What else can I screenshot to help the Community identify where the issue is coming from ?

Thank you as always :grinning:

I just clear the history and cookie, uninstalled BRAVE, cleaned my PC’s temporary files, reinstalled BRAVE from its official website, chose DuckDuckGo as always, turned on BRAVE REWARD, set it up to show 5 ads, browsed the web for 40 minutes or so with the VPN turned off and zero extensions added and I’m still not seeing ads.
I saw that this post will be closed in a month, do I’ll have to create the same one with all the screenshots again ?

Thank you.


The problem solved itself on its own.

Thank you.

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This problem is still happening for me and it’s been much longer than a month. Avast tagged brave as malware, I reset it and the ads still do not work.

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