Ads not displaying when clicked

When I click to see the brave ads it takes to home screen or last page I used. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling only to lose my bat. I thought I had an account buy my email wasn’t found so I’m starting over, but still don’t get to actually view the ad.

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Thank you for reaching out to us.
Sorry for the inconvenience – for the record, with the exception of Verifying with Uphold, or being a Brave Creator there is no way to tie your Brave wallet to an email address.

I am curious about the behavior you’re describing when viewing/clicking on ads. You said that you un/reinstalled the browser – do you still see that same behavior when clicking on ads?

Yes. After reinstalling it still only opened brave to the last page, or home page if I had closed all the windows. This morning it just kept crashing period so I uninstalled it again. I couldn’t find how to change browser settings to stop it from being my main browser and it was crashing so that I couldn’t get to any site. Only home screen would load.

To be clear, when I was using brave and got an ad, I would click the ad but it never let me see the ad. It stayed on the previous page. If I clicked an ad when brave was closed it would only go to home page never showing the ad. I will try again in the next week as I really like brave browser.
Hope this hepled.

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I got a new phone. Brave is working fine on it. I did reinstall Brave on my last phone and it’s doing the same still. Sometimes it does nothing when I click the ad.

Stinks I lost my bat. I joined when there was an off of free bat from signing up. Like $5 worth i had been adding to trying to get enough to verify. I actually wanted to see some of the ad’s and only uninstalled to try and fix that. Had I just continued to click and gain bat for ads I never seen, I’d still be gaining bat. Stinks I suffered for doing the right thing. Oh well. I still enjoy the browser. Not sure if ill worry about the bat now.

Hi @Tina4Yah,
Glad to hear Brave is working on your new phone. Can you tell us what your old device was and also what your new device is?

Old phone is a Galaxy J7
New phone is Galaxy A21

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