Ads not coming in

Hi all,
Seems my ads have stopped coming in to my browser…i haven’t changed any settings, the only thing new i added was discord…after that it seems to have stopped…

thank you

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There are already post about this. It is being looked out.

@Dgenies - post you have mentioned is telling, that ads are not working for several weeks and its not clear which version is not working
I have similiar issue with nightly (0.72.33) and dev version (0.71.74) - ads were working yesteday but are not working today …beta (0.70.97) and standard (0.68.138) - ads are working fine
I have upgraded my windows from 7 to 10 yesterday so I was thinking it may be related to this but who knows…

okay @creator22 so we can narrow it a bit. I know someone that has all 4 on 2 computers. will request he fires them all up to see if they are all having the same issues.

I don’t think it is an upgrade thing. but Do you have focus assist off and notification turned on

I have (for testing purposes) all 4 instances running on one single system, so setup is same

My focus assist i can’t find, as for notifications for adds are on, been a couple of days, adds not coming in…should i re-install brave/dev?

thank you


Same. Ads stopped. Dev Version 0.71.79.

Can’t get Nightly updater to update to anything higher than 72.48. Something’s broken on your side.

it would soon the rolled out to the brave updater in a couple of hours. I noticed the updater downloads recent update 6 -8 hours after release. for manual
THis is the link

I can confirm, that after last update ads are working again in nightly version (0.72.55)

I am on dev build 0.71.74 and have not had any ads in weeks.

Focus Assist is off and Notifications are on.