Ads not coming. How I verify without 25 bat?

I’m no longer reveiving ads and i have not enough BATs to actually access them in cash or something so basically they have my money stuck and i’m no longer avaible to reach at least the number of BATS to take my money and verify wallet.

Hi @Ermetiko

You have several topics on this forum about this ads issue. I’ve fixed mine with one of them (WIndows 7 OS). I suggest you to use the search bar.
Hope it’s help and you’ll get news ads soon :slight_smile:


I just checking. There is nothing about android mobile Brave. Really. Besides me, there are many others who have the same problem as me. Obviously not solved by anyone.

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It will be really helpful if you share any links among the community to serve the issue.



You can’t find the search bar? No problem, it’s on the top right of the page :

For your information, I’m just a Brave user like you and I try to help you, not to serve you.

Hope it’s help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Also, I have to verify what? I have already verified with Uphold for over a year! I can’t even get the 3000 bats designated by Brave and can’t receive ads… I’m very angry. :rage:

Maybe you should contact the support team directly.
There are so many different configurations nowadays (OS, desktop, mobiles, etc).

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