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Hi Brave team,

I’m a new user trying to use Brave as my primary browser. Wanted to report that I am seeing ads not being blocked on various rivals websites. I believe these ad elements should be blocked. It appears this is a common issue throughout the site. These don’t appear to be first party ads.

Site example with screenshot: Sub Domain:

Rivals homepage: n.rivalscom
Other site: notredame.rivals, etc.
(Also seen at similar subdomains in the same page locations with different ads, but only allowed two URLs/one screenshot in a post)

For comparison, I tried loading the page in Mac OS X Safari with AdBlock extension. Ads are blocked.

Some Details:

  • i. Your Operating System and version
    Mac OS 10.13
  • ii. Your Brave Version. (Desktop users please copy info from about:brave using the clipboard if possible)
    Brave 0.19.53
    rev e09025b
    Muon 4.4.29
    libchromiumcontent 61.0.3163.100
    V8 6.1.534.41
    Node.js 7.9.0
    Update Channel Release
    OS Platform macOS
    OS Release 17.0.0
    OS Architecture x64

All shields are on except script blocking.

Happy to provide any addition information.

Thanks in advance,



Hi @mdenney06

The ads you’re observing are 1st party (hosted and rendered by the publisher, as opposed to a 3rd party ad server).

At this time, we are not blocking 1st party ads, as they are typically used to promote and advertise offerings from the publisher (we want publishers to be able to do this).

In situations where ads are 3rd party ads, but are proxied to serve “first party”, we are putting in custom fixes to resolve those.

We also have a feature in queue that will allow for the user to right click and block any ad as they browse, for cases where a user does not want to allow for the default behavior.

Definitely a balancing act, as we want to see publishers earn if they are not passing user data to third parties, but we also want to give users flexibility in cases like this one.

I hope this helps!

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