Ads not being counted on Nightly (Windows 11)

Hi. I have Nightly on both my PCs at home - one Windows 10, 64 bit and the other Windows 11, 64 bit. It’s working fine on the Windows 10 device but haven’t had any ads since 8th March and not getting paid for home page ads on Windows 11. Currently running v 1.38.60 on both devices. @tmancey any ideas?

This also affects last build of Nightly for macOS.
I’m using 1.39.5 btw.

Im on build 1.39.5 win 10 + android and im getting ads regularly.
Maybe your wallet is flagged?

Hi, @vintersorg25. Its working fine on my windows 10 device too, just Nightly on my second (Windows 11) device is not working. And no, my wallet isn’t flagged. There have been a number of updates since my original post and I too am now on v.1.39.5 but the issue continues.

v.1.39.18 - still no ads and no payment for home page ads. @steeven any ideas? Counter has been stuck on 0.915 since 8th March.

Same here hope it will resolved soon.