ADs issue (This is not normal)

I am using Brave since a long time. Few days back ads stopped coming fr me. I had 6 BAT unconfirmed in my wallet. To be sure, I copied the data files to a VM (So that the BAT dosen’t get lost) and reinstalled the browser (clean reinstall). Then i got 5 ads in 2 hrs duration and nothing then after. I again reinstalled the browser. Again I got around 5 ads in 2 hrs duration and noting later. Why??

They have problem in the new version which is 1.12.113
Try to get the old version you’ll get ads normal

Will do that.
But how did you get to know that this particular version has a problem. Any other thread?? Please share the link here

How can we do that? If i tried old version, all my bat will gone.

I just coppied my brave user data folder and put it in a VM. The BAT was available there. Then I uninstalled from my actual PC.

How to get the offline installer for the old version??

Try to search in google
You’ll get it from there

Because i have two devices and after updating not receiving any ads but on my second phones was not updated and receiving ads normally. So one of my friend also updated the app he uninstalled because he just install the app 3 days ago then he installed the older apk version now receiving ads normally, I will also uninstall but after getting my payment!
Hope this helps you and write a thread with huge number of users so that they can look into the issue,
I also write a topic but they didn’t listen we need some good amount of users with us then will be solved otherwise the problem will be there…!

For pc only? How abt for mobile?

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