Ads in the search results page

Isn’t possible to get rid of the ads in the google search results page?

@Mattches @steeven

Its very much possible. Just install Adguard and I guarantee you will see no ads systemwide.

@macfanol But still I get brave ads, even after installing Adguard?

@Rohit552 Not by default. AdGuard is systemwide blocker of every possible not wanted software (ads, malware, passth, rootkits, phishing, ransomware and much more)
Check this
It installs itself in taskbar (near system-clock) and requires, almost literally, no attention from you.

In order to have Brave ads after installing ADG, you will have to whitelist Brave app. There is a brilliantly written knowledge base thats of great help

Changing the Shields setting from Standard to Aggressive should do this:

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@Mattches Thats not what @Rohit552 asks for

Is this not exactly what is being asked here?

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Changing to aggressive, will every website works?

I think they strictly avoid cookies as well ri8 @Mattches?

I do have an issue with this isn’t opening in one of my profiles I’ve.

Thanks for taking time. I’ll try this as well. @macfanol

Hi @Rohit552

We have a report regarding login’s in

thanks for sharing the information @fanboynz.

Is there anything like i can see for which ad I was rewarded bat and how much they offered?

I would recommend asking in with any additional details

:point_up: To change the Shields setting to Aggressive for all sites, you’ll have to go to Menu --> Settings --> Shields and change the ads/tracker blocking setting to Aggressive:

Also no, the cookie control is a different option entirely in Shields and can be adjusted in the same way.

Found it, thanks for your message

@Mattches is their any necessity to have uphold verified account to tip someone

No, you do not need a verified account in order to tip a creator.